21 Minimalist Gaming Setup Ideas That You Really Like

A minimalist gaming setup is the best gaming setup idea for gamers who want to create a clean, streamlined, and distraction-free environment to enhance the gaming experience.

By carefully selecting essential gaming rigs, optimizing organization, utilizing minimalist decor, and embracing wireless solutions, you can create a sleek gaming setup without sacrificing the gaming experience.

The clean aesthetic appeal, simple beauty, and budget-friendly nature are just what make the minimalist gaming desk setup so popular in recent times.

And, if you also want to design your own minimalist gaming room, we’re here to help you craft the perfect minimal battlestation of your dreams.

In this article, we will explore some of the best minimalist gaming setup ideas that you can use to build the visually pleasing, clean-looking gaming setup of your dreams.

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Must-Have Gaming Desk Accessories for Minimalist Gaming Setup

Here are a few must-have gaming desk accessories that you can use to build a minimalist gaming setup that is clean-looking, visually pleasing, and clutter-free.

However, some of these desk accessories you might not want to utilize in your minimalist gaming setup, while there are some desk accessories that might interest you but are not on our list.

1. Minimalist Gaming Desk

When it comes to gaming desks for minimal gaming room setup, there are a plethora of options to choose from but what you need is a sleek gaming desk that suits the setup’s aesthetics and offers enough surface area to hold all gaming rigs.

Here are the best gaming desks to start with: SEVEN WARRIOR Gaming Desk, DESIGNA Gaming Desk

2. Sleek Gaming Chair

While a gaming desk is essential to carry your gaming rigs, a comfortable gaming chair is essential to carry you when gaming for endless hours. The chair must be comfortable to support your back so you can have a pain-free playtime.

Here are the best gaming chairs to start with: GTRACING Gaming Chair, Homall Gaming Chair

3. Minimal PC Case

To give your gaming room the most minimalist look, choose a PC case that matches the look of your setup. A PC case with a glass panel, sharp edges, and a streamlined finish is the perfect option.

Here are the best PC cases to start with: NZXT H510 PC Gaming Case, CORSAIR iCUE 4000X PC Case

4. Sleek Gaming Monitor

To keep the minimal look of your gaming setup, a gaming monitor with a sleek design, thin bezel, and minimalist stands is the go-to option.

Here are the best gaming monitors to start with: LG UltraGear QHD 27-Inch Gaming Monitor, Sceptre 30-inch Curved Gaming Monitor

5. Monitor Arm or Wall Mount

Mounting your gaming monitor above your gaming desk or on the wall using a monitor arm or wall mount can free up more desk space and give your setup a clean, sleek, minimalist appeal. 

Here are the best monitor mounts to start with: NB North Bayou Monitor Desk Mount, HUANUO Monitor Wall Mount

6. Wireless peripherals

Investing in wireless gaming peripherals such as a keyboard, mouse, and game controller can significantly eliminate some cables and make your setup look neater while providing freedom of movement.

Here are the best wireless gaming peripherals to start with: Logitech G915 Wireless RGB Gaming Keyboard, Logitech G502 Wireless Gaming Mouse, PlayStation DualSense Wireless Controller

7. Gaming Headset with Microphone

Whether you’re streaming or gaming online, the right gaming headset with a built-in microphone is essential for hearing your enemies, communicating with gamer friends, and responding to your streaming fan base.

Here are the best gaming headsets to start with: Turtle Beach Recon 70 Gaming Headset, ASTRO A50 Wireless Headset

8. Headset Stand

Instead of leaving your gaming headset lying on your gaming desk, use a dedicated headset stand to keep it organized when not in use and easily accessible when needed.

Here are the best headset stands to start with: Tilted Nation RGB Headset Stand, HAVIT RGB Headphone Stand

9. Minimal Gaming Speakers

When your gaming headset is not in use, your desk speakers will keep serving up crisp and clean audio and music experience during your gameplay, streaming sessions, and listening to your favorite music.

Here are the best desk speakers to start with: PreSonus Eris E3.5-3.5″ Desktop Speakers, Audioengine A5 Powered Desktop Speakers

10. Minimal Desk Mat & Wrist Pad

Consider using a large desk mat to give your surface a clean appeal while protecting your desk from scratches from all those mouse movements. Utilize a wrist pad to keep your wrist rested throughout gaming sessions.

Here are the best desk mats to start with: Aothia Leather Desk Pad, Gimars Keyboard-Mouse Wrist Rest Pad

11. Cable Management Solutions

While maintaining a clean and minimalist look of your gaming setup, you’ll need to neatly organize the wires and keep them out of sight, to do so, you’ll need many cable management tools such as cable clips, cable sleeves, or cable raceways.

Here are the best cable management tools: N NOROCME Cord Management Organizer Kit, Delamu Cord Cover Raceway Kit

12. Gaming-specific Storage Solutions

Opt for wall storage solutions such as pegboard, wall-mounted shelves, or floating shelves that are designed for hanging your gaming accessories. This keeps your gaming station organized, clutter-free, and easily accessible.

Here are the best wall storage solutions: Keepo Pegboard Combination Kit, Giftgarden Wall Floating Shelves

21 Minimalist Gaming Setup Ideas for Your Inspiration

Now it’s time to dive into the world of cool minimalist gaming setup ideas that you can use as inspiration to build your own minimalist PC setup.

1. Clean Minimalistic Gaming Setup

If you’re looking for a simple, spacious, and budget-friendly gaming desk setup layout with a touch of minimalism, this is the perfect example to get inspired for a reason.

The setup is achieved by implementing an IKEA desk hack that combines the IKEA countertop as a desktop and two Alex cabinets for the base support, providing sufficient space for gaming rigs and storage solutions.

What is so special about this setup is its clean and clutter-free aesthetics that come from the contrasting white background and warm wood tone of the desktop. 

2. Minimalist Gaming Setup with Greenery

With crisp and clear aesthetics, this incredibly awesome minimalist gaming setup can be yours if you stick with a dual-tone color scheme using fewer accessories on the desk.

The chair, monitor, PC tower, keyboard, mouse, and potted give the setup a sharp edge against the contrasting white background and desk while the potted plant puts some greenery to freshen the atmosphere.

3. Plain and Simple Gaming PC Setup

This minimalist PC setup is plain and simple with only essential gaming rigs on board but still effective for many gaming enthusiasts who want to stick with minimalism.

It’s the sleek IKEA computer desk in a white finish that perfectly matches the room decor and gives the setup a pure minimalist appeal while providing ample space for gaming.

The cables are nicely tucked behind the desk, utilize wireless peripherals, and the PC tower is placed on the MITTBACK Trestle legs, making the setup free from clutter and well-organized.

4. Aesthetic Gaming Setup Idea

When it comes to minimalist desk setups, white is the most common color scheme because of the simple, clean, and eye-soothing aesthetics that it brings.

This minimalist gaming desk setup shows the same aesthetics where the desk is surrounded by contrasting white. From the desk to the chair, accessories to the PC peripherals, the entire setup is white-toned.

The wood tabletop adds a warm appeal to the aesthetics and indoor plant freshener room atmosphere and puts little greenery to soothe the eyes.

5. Night-Mode Minimalist Gaming Setup

For those minimalist PC gamers who prefer gaming in dark ing conditions or in night, this night-mode minimalist gaming setup is the perfect layout to implement.

The setup includes only essential gaming peripherals, no more than this, blue desk LED light to ambient the dark, and a desk lamp to reduce the monitor’s harsh light, making it a perfect budget-friendly minimalist gaming setup.

6. Minimalist Ultrawide Gaming Setup

If there is plenty of space at your home and you’re looking for a well-designed minimalist gaming setup layout, this one is the perfect idea to get inspired.

What we really liked about this setup was the smart placement. The user has decorated each gaming peripheral and accessory in a very precise way, making the setup well-organized.

There is sufficient gaming space, cables are well-managed, and the color perfectly matches with the room decor, which is something that any gamer can obsess about.

7. Minimalist Gaming Setup with Ultrawide Monitor

If you have an ultrawide gaming monitor and you’re wondering how you can position your monitors that look minimal, just get inspired with this gaming setup.

You can mount the monitor above the desk using an ultrawide desk monitor mount like this one and nicely route the wires to the CPU without coming in your way while keeping them hidden from view.

We appreciate the creativity of the user who has placed their gaming speaker just in front of the desk mount and can hide the mount, due to this it feels like the monitor is mounted to the wall.

8. All-White Gaming Desk Setup

When it comes to minimalist gaming setups, there is no better color scheme than white color because of its clean and simple aesthetics and is pretty easy to achieve too.

All you have to do is mix and match all of your gaming peripherals, accessories, and furniture in white color, and you’ll have a gaming setup like the above picture.

9. All-Black Gaming Setup Idea

If you don’t like the white finish, no big deal, you can go with this all-black color scheme. This all-black minimalist gaming PC setup is the perfect layout to take inspiration from.

From the chair to the desk and PC peripherals to the desk accessories, everything in the setup just follows a black color scheme, which looks sharp against contrasting white walls and rugs.

And since all the essential gaming rigs you need for your setup can be found in black, this minimalist gaming setup is even easier to achieve.

10. Monochrome Gaming Room Setup

While many gamers like the black color scheme, many prefer white, there are still many gaming enthusiasts who prefer the combo, and for those gamers, this monochrome minimalist gaming setup is a perfect inspiration.

From left to right and top to bottom, the setup includes gaming rigs, desk accessories, and showcasing items in black and white color combination, which looks neater and eye-soothing. 

11. Minimal Gaming Setup with a Laptop

This minimalist gaming setup focuses on simplicity and efficiency. By using a single monitor and wireless peripherals, you can eliminate clutter and distraction, and create a clean and organized desk space.

The laptop on the desk serves a dual purpose, acting as a productive tool for office work and a secondary screen while gaming.

12. Minimalist Small Gaming Desk Setup

This minimalist dual-monitor gaming setup is a perfect example of how you can build a fully-fledged gaming station in a small room without sacrificing the gaming hardware.

The secondary monitor is vertically positioned and mounted on the desk arm to maximize the limited space while the CPU is placed over an Alex cabinet which also provides ample storage space.

Since the power outlet is under the desk, the wires and cables are neatly tucked behind the desk, leaving ample free area on top for keyboard and mouse movement.

13. Stormtrooper-themed Minimal Battle Station

This ultra-white yet ultra-wide gaming desk setup is bound with a Stormtrooper desktop background, giving the setup clean and minimal appeal.

What we so liked in the setup is the Karlby desktop with a warm wood texture that pops against contrasting white room aesthetics. 

14. Sleek Gaming Desk With Matching Wall Art

With a matching desktop background and wall art, this minimalist gaming setup creates harmonious aesthetics and looks visually cohesive. You can add wall art that reflects your gaming interest.

This setup embraces simplicity and balance, allowing you to enjoy a clean and minimalist environment while still expressing your style and passion for gaming.

15. Minimal Gaming Setup with LED Lights

No gaming setup is complete with LED lights as LED lights are typically used to bring some colors to the setup. And this setup shows exactly what an LED light does.

The neon light strip is angled behind the desk between two plain modern wall art that create a blues effect in the setup, adding a touch of sci-fi. 

The abstract desktop wallpaper is another focal point that perfectly blends with the blue aesthetics, making the entire setup clean and eye-pleasing.

16. Sleek Wall-Mounted Gaming Setup

If there is a tight space around your setup but you’re more flexible with the budget, this wall-mounted minimalist gaming setup is the perfect option to suit your needs.

This desk setup utilizes the JŪV Sit-Stand Wall Desk that takes no floor space and provides ample space for your gaming rigs.

The chair matches the side wall and the sit-stand desk perfectly blends with the attached wall, making the setup look, neat, clean, and well-organized for minimal appeal.

17. Minimalist Stand-up Gaming Setup

Sometimes, simple is the best way to go, and this gaming desk shows the same that utilizes a simple stand desk and simple computer peripheral but with an organized layout.

18. Cable-Free Minimalist Gaming Setup

When you want to achieve minimalistic appeal, the simple approach is to opt for wireless peripherals and accessories, just like the above picture.

19. Wall-Mounted Monitor Minimalist Gaming Setup

Mount your monitor on the wall, route the wires through a cable raceway, hide power adapters under the desk, and utilize a wireless keyboard-mouse combo and you’ll have a neat and clean gaming setup like the above image.

20. Professional Triple-Monitor Gaming Setup

Achieving a clean and organized look of a setup can be challenging with triple-monitor screens, but this triple-monitor gaming setup proves it wrong.

All you need is a spacious desk, a desk arm that is capable enough to hold three monitors, and some cable management kits to hide the wires so they don’t come in your way.

21. Minimalist Gaming Setup on the Budget

It’s better to go with simplicity and make good use of things you have rather than experimenting with new ideas, and this desk setup just demonstrates the same.


Creating a minimalist gaming setup is not that hard. The key to a minimalist gaming room is the perfect balance between your gaming rigs, accessories, decor, and the color scheme you choose for your setup.

As we’ve curated plenty of cool examples on our list for your inspiration, you can stick with these designs or get creative with these examples and build your dream minimalist gaming setup.

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