25 Small Bedroom Gaming Room Ideas for Gamers and Streamers

In 2024 where PC gaming is the rage, having a dedicated gaming room is essential to experience the thrill of gaming without any distractions. 

However, you might have a small bedroom and you are wondering how to make this small room a luxury gaming room so that you can reach the pinnacle of your gaming experience.

This is where the concept of a small bedroom gaming room ideas comes into play. 

Remember, with some creativity and smart designs, you can transform your small bedroom into a gaming paradise that maximizes space while delivering an immersive gaming experience.

In this article, we will explore some of the creative small-bedroom gaming room ideas and provide practical tips on how to make the most out of your small bedroom.

So, let’s dive into the world of small bedroom gaming room ideas and discover how you can turn your compact space into a haven for endless virtual gaming adventures.

25 Small Bedroom Gaming Room Ideas for Gamers

Here are the creative small bedroom gaming room ideas that will help you transform your small bedroom into a gaming paradise for a distraction-free gaming experience.

1. Nook Gaming Setup Idea for Small Room

When you want to have a dedicated gaming space but limited space is a major issue, the best way to accomplish this is by utilizing the current available space.

And this nook gaming setup is an excellent example that demonstrates how you can build a dedicated gaming setup in a very limited space between two walls. 

So, if you have the same space available in your bedroom then all you need is to find a gaming desk that perfectly fits between these two walls.

You can utilize a gaming desk with bottom shelves and can store your gaming accessories and the PC tower on top of it to make the setup look clean.

2. Gaming Desk Setup Idea for Small Space

Who says you need a spacious luxury room dedicated to gaming for an immersive gaming experience when you can transform your bedroom nook into a gaming haven like this?

All you need to do is follow smart desk placements and you’ll amazingly build your small bedroom gaming room with essential gaming rigs on board.

As you can see in the picture, the user has smartly decorated their gaming rigs using wall shelves, utilized a desk with bottom shelves to hide wires and other stuff, and stuck to minimal aesthetics.

3. Closet Gaming Desk Setup Idea

If you don’t want any extra furniture to occupy extra floor space in your small bedroom, consider building your gaming room inside the Closet.

By repurposing this small, private space, you can create an immersive battlestation that opens the hidden doors to the virtual world.

Utilize the built-in shelves, racks, and compartments to neatly store gaming consoles and accessories and mount your gaming monitors on the closet walls.

Make your closet gaming room cozy and more inviting by installing LED strip lights, or light panels along the edges of the shelves or behind the display.

4. Small Gaming Room Idea for Two

This small gaming room idea for two is a perfect inspiration for those couples, friends, or family members who work together and play together.

This couple gaming room design shows you could still get the perfect set-up even in a small bedroom if you creatively and smartly manage your available space.

All you need is to find unused floor space in your bedroom and then place your gaming desk, gaming peripherals, and accessories in that space.

No gaming room is complete without LED lights, so consider installing LED strip lights and LED light panels as much as you can, and you’ll have an immersive gaming experience.

5. Ultrawide-Monitor Gaming Desk Setup Idea 

Who says you need a whole room dedicated to your gaming space when you can use a part of your small bedroom with fewer gaming setups?

Put your gaming desk just next to your bed, put your ultrawide monitor mounted to the wall and the PC tower under the desk, and voila, your small bedroom gaming room is ready.

Add some LED light strips behind the edge of the desk, use essential gaming accessories, conceal the wire, and keep the decor minimal to take your gaming setup to a new height.

6. Nook Corner Small Bedroom Gaming Room

Finding a dedicated space for gaming in your small bedroom can be challenging especially, if your bedroom floor space is consumed by furniture and other decorative stuff.

In such a case, this nook gaming room setup can prove to be a unique way of turning the corner into a battle station for an immersive gaming experience.

Most of the bedrooms have at least one corner space which is used by people as a storage unit or for building a wardrobe, but you can use it for your gaming room.

All you have to place a gaming desk in a custom size so the desk fits perfectly in the corner or you can build a floating desk as you can see in the picture.

You can even install wall-mounted storage units such as shelves and decorate your gaming stuff on top of it to maximize the nook space.

7. Gaming Room Setup with Minimal Wall Art

There are endless possibilities to elevate the aesthetic of your gaming room, and one way you can take your gaming room aesthetics to new heights is by using minimal wall art.

Minimalist wall art is a great choice for gaming room decoration. As they come in a wide range of colors and designs, you can use them to suit your small bedroom decor.

Simply declutter your gaming desk, stick to a color scheme, and spruce your gaming room with minimal accessories to create a minimalist gaming space.

8. Monochrome Gaming Room Idea

This mono-chrome-themed gaming room is an excellent inspiration for creating gaming space for a small bedroom. This is truly a cozy setup.

From the gaming desk to the PC accessories, and wall shelves to wall art, the entire setup follows a black-and-white color scheme for a minimal approach.

The large gaming desk, wall shelves, and gaming chair perfectly complement the room decor while every inch of space is efficiently utilized.

9. All Pink Cute Gaming Room Idea

Every girl gamer would be obsessed with this cute small bedroom gaming room setup which features the softest shade of baby pink for a subtle.

Dusked out from the top to the bottom, this cute gaming room is so much cozy. Just look at the color settings synced across multiple devices for a seamless, unified look.

10. Colorful Cute Gaming Setup

When it comes to girl gaming setup, Pink is the ultimate color, but it doesn’t have to be Pink for a Kawaii look. Look at this cute gaming setup that features multiple colors.

This beautiful gaming setup has a rustic appeal due to the use of a wooden desk and chair, and there are a lot of potted plants around the desk that add natural color to the setup.

11. Gaming Desk Setup with Neon Lights

With perfect lighting, any gaming setup can look immersive, and this gaming setup is one such example that shows how you can make your small bedroom gaming room EPIC.

The gaming room wall is highlighted by a wave LED neon sign and blue LED light strips are used behind the monitors and desk that create a blue atmospheric effect.

12. Hidden PC Battlestation Setup Idea

This hidden gaming station demonstrates how you can turn your ordinary bedroom closet into a multi-functional, ultimate gaming closet, complete with LED lights and wall organization.

For this implementation, you have to be a little creative with the space you have and you’ll certainly be able to transform your closet into a luxury space for gaming.

You can use the closet wall to mount your multiple monitors and utilize the shelves and compartments to nicely decorate your gaming accessories and other stuff.

Make good use of LED lights behind the monitors and route through the edge of the shelves na these lights will amazingly make your closet gaming look EPIC. 

13. Loft Bed Gaming Room Setup Idea

If you’re looking for a creative way to maximize space in your small bedroom, purchasing a loft bed can be the perfect solution for your small bedroom gaming room. 

Unlike a traditional bed, a loft bed has additional space under the bed where you can put your gaming desk, chair, and accessories, and build your gaming setup.

This gaming setup won’t consume any extra floor space in your bedroom but amazingly maximizes the space right underneath the bed.

14. Triple-Monitor Loft Bed Gaming Room Idea

A triple monitor gaming setup may require a huge space, but this loft bed gaming setup shows how a triple monitor setup can be easily built into a small space.

You can build the same gaming setup in your small bedroom right underneath the loft bed if you have the right desk and proper tools with careful planning.

You just have to be a little creative with the space and follow smart placement for the desk so you can utilize every inch of the available space.

15. Small Gaming Setup Under Loft Bed

This loft bed functional gaming setup can be a great inspiration to consider if you want to make a functional gaming setup in your kid’s bedroom.

For an immersive gaming experience, a gaming setup doesn’t have to be so much gaming gear, decorations, and other stuff around your desk.

You only need the right gaming desk that can easily accommodate your essential gaming peripherals and accessories just like the above picture shows.

16. Small Gaming Room Setup with TV

This gamer bedroom with a wall-mounted TV, shows how you can transform your small bedroom into a haven of gaming while keeping your gaming rig and decoration in one place.

By utilizing a wooden rack, you can show off your action figures and decorations, and with the use of wall art, you can give your gaming room a more personalized look.

17. Monochrome Tuned Loft-Bed Gaming Room

This loft bed gaming setup contains a sleek gaming desk and wall shelves for a minimal approach but what makes this setup truly awesome is the monochrome color scheme.

From the top to the bottom and the left to the right, this gaming room keeps the entire setup in a black-and-white color combination.

We liked the use of LED light stripes behind the monitor and desk, and the LED neon light sign on the wall shelf that gives the setup a colorful appeal. 

18. Loft Bed Gaming Room with DIY Cloud Ceiling

If you’re a person with a flair for DIY-ing, incorporating fake cloud into your loft-bed gaming room ceiling can make your setup look WOW.

Consider purchasing a fake cloud and installing it into your loft bed ceiling with a little DIY, and you’ll have a stormy ceiling that lights up in an array of RGB colors

19. Dual-Monitor Battlestation under Bunk Bed

With full of LED lights, a spacious platform, plenty of decorations, and smart storage units, this dual-monitor modern battle station is for you if you want to make a statement.

The gaming room is built right underneath the loft bed using a spacious desk with built-in drawers and shelves that house gaming peripherals.

What we liked about this setup are the drawer units that are built right under the stairs, and each of the drawer units has glowing LED lights.

20. Ultimate Small Bedroom Gaming Room Idea

This small bedroom gaming room is another great example of how you can build a fully-fledged battlestation if you have very limited floor space.

Consider investing in an L-shaped gaming desk and placing them just next to your bed and you’ll amazingly maximize the available space in your bedroom.

You can also invest in a Pegboard wall organizer and an overhead bookshelf to store things. This will help you get the most out of your small bedroom without making them cluttered.

21. Loft Bed Gaming Room with Acoustic Panels

This loft bed small bedroom gaming room idea can prove to be very useful if you want to make your gaming room a bit more soundproof.

Invest in acoustic dampening panels and attack them on the wall just above your desk. These panels will diminish room noise coming from other rooms or outside the windows.

This gaming room setup is an excellent inspiration for you if you are streaming or recording videos for YouTubing.

22. U-shaped Gaming Setup under Loft Bed

You do not need a separate room, your loft bed can provide ample space to set up your gaming peripherals and accessories and build your dream battle station.

And this U-shaped small bedroom gaming room shows exactly how you can have your fully-fledged battlestation right beneath the loft bed.

Set up two l-shaped gaming desks by forming a U-shape and it will give you a lot of surface area to organize your gaming accessories neatly.

23. Nook Battlestation with Wall Storage

If there’s a nook space available in your bedroom, then this Nook battlestation idea shows how you can turn that nook space into a small gaming station.

First, measure the nook space from left to right and get a gaming desk in the measured size to fit the desk perfectly in that nook space.

Now install some floating shelves on both side walls to decorate your gaming accessories on top of it and add LED light panels to light up your setup. 

Once you’ve done implementing this, you’ll certainly be able to transform your nook space into the fully-fledged gaming station of your dreams.

24. Nook Gaming Space with LED Panels

LED light panels are a worthwhile investment for taking your gaming room aesthetics to new heights by creating a calm, dark, bright, and colorful ambiance.

The best thing about LED light panels is that they are customizable allowing you to switch the color to suit your mood or reflect your personality in the setup.

So, consider using customizable LED light panels in your gaming room and turn your dull gaming room into an immersive battlestation.

25. Corner Gaming Setup with Overhead Bookshelf

If there is corner space available in your bedroom, utilizing this corner space with an L-shaped desk can help you build the gaming setup you’ve dreamed of. 

Consider investing in an L-shaped corner desk, place them in the corner, and set up your gaming peripherals right up here and your corner gaming setup is ready.

Since the L-shaped desk offers two sections, you can use each section for separate functionality or use both sections for a dedicated setup like a multi-monitor gaming setup.

FAQ on Small Bedroom Gaming Room Ideas

1. What do you need for a small gaming setup?

A gaming setup typically includes a gaming desk and chair set, a gaming computer set, a headset for sound interactivity, and other gaming accessories and controllers.

2. Is it worth having a gaming room?

Whether you’re an avid gamer, casual gamer, or a gamer of any level, having a dedicated gaming room is worthwhile for any gamer as it can enhance your gaming experience by providing a focused and immersive environment.

3. What size is a good size for a game room?

The average gaming desk size is 60×30-inches whereas the standard gaming chair size is 30 inches thus they take up 12.5 sq. ft. floor space. So, for setting up a comfortable gaming station, the game room size needs to be at least 13 to 15 sq. ft. In short, the bigger the floor space is the better the gaming room setup will be.


Transforming a small bedroom into a fully-fledged gaming space is all about a testament to the power of your creativity, imagination, and smart design.

By implementing the right furniture, smart design choices, and proper planning, you can transform any small bedroom into a functional and immersive gaming station.

Remember, the key is to make the most out of what you have and there are endless possibilities to make this happen.  

Now that we’ve seen various small bedroom gaming room ideas, it’s time to put these ideas into action and create the small bedroom gaming room that you’ve dreamed of.

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