IKEA Countertop Desk (A Complete Guide to DIY Desk Hacks)

DIY desk setup has become a rage in recent years because this provides affordable, unique, and customizable desk setup solutions. 

And if you want to have your own customized desk setup at home, the IKEA countertop desk might be the perfect solution for your dream desk setup.

The IKEA countertop desk is a durable, high-quality, and versatile DIY desk solution that can fit into any space and any interior design style.

In this article, we’ll discuss the advantages of the IKEA Countertop Desk, the steps to build your own DIY desk, and some creative DIY desk ideas for your inspiration.

Let’s dive in and see what makes an IKEA countertop desk so special.

Advantages of the IKEA Countertop Desk

The IKEA Countertop Desk is worth considering for building a unique workspace or gaming station setup and there are many reasons. 

  1. Affordable – The IKEA countertop desk is an affordable solution for those who want to have their dedicated desk setup at a budget-friendly cost. 
  2. Customization – The IKEA countertop desk allows you to customize your desk setup based on your preference.
  3. Durable – The IKEA countertop desk is a durable and long-lasting option as the countertops are made from high-quality materials.
  4. Versatile – This can be used for various purposes like gaming, office, or crafting desk setups since IKEA countertops come in various finishes and sizes.
  5. Minimal Design – THe IKEA countertop desk has a cool minimalist appearance that can easily blend into any interior design and decor.
  6. Ample Desk Space – The IKEA countertop desk provides ample space for your supplies and equipment so you can always stay productive. 
  7. Easy to Assemble – The IKEA countertop desk can be an easy DIY desk solution even for those who haven’t any experience in DIY hacks.
  8. Easy to Clean – The smooth surface of the IKEA countertop desk makes it easy to clean and maintain.

Best IKEA Countertops for DIY Desk Hacks

The IKEA countertops are mainly available in two kinds that could be used for various purposes. Let’s see them so you can make an informed decision.

1. IKEA Laminate Countertop

The IKEA Laminate Countertops are made up of multiple layers of materials that can be composed of materials like paper, wood, plastic, or stone. 

These are high-quality countertops that offer attractive and low-maintenance surfaces and are resistant to scratch, dent, and water damage.

These countertops have a protective coating that ensures they will last for years if properly maintained and taken care of when needed.

The best thing about the IKEA Laminate Countertop is that these countertops are more affordable than other countertops.

So, if you’re looking for affordable IKEA countertops without compromising style, the IKEA Laminate countertops are the perfect options.

These countertops further come in 3 different variants which are available in different finishes like marble, concrete, mineral, stone, oak, ash, and plain color.


EKBACKEN IKEA Countertop Desk

This countertop has a laminate surface with a white marble finish that could be the perfect solution to give your setup a modern look.

It comes in two sizes 74”×25 ⅝”x1 ⅛” and 98”x25 ⅝”x1 ⅛” and is available in 8 more color variants to choose from in the respective sizes.

However, the price of this countertop will vary depending on the size and color variant you choose.


SÄLJAN IKEA Countertop Desk

This countertop is resin-impregnated paper made which makes it a durable and moisture-proof countertop for desk surfaces. 

The SÄLJAN countertop comes in a spacious size 74”×25 ⅝”x1 ⅛” that can easily accommodate most of your work supplies and desk accessories.

This countertop is available in 8 textures ranging from wood effects to marble finish that can easily match any interior style.


LILLTRÄSK IKEA Countertop Desk

This countertop combines the laminate top with a particleboard inner core which makes it a durable and moisture-proof desk surface.

It is available in two sizes 74”×25 ⅝”x1 ⅛” and 98”x25 ⅝”x1 ⅛ and comes in plain texture making it the perfect desktop solution with a clean aesthetic.

2. IKEA Butcher Block Countertop

IKEA butcher block countertops are bonded strips of natural wood materials like thick veneer, oak, maple, cherry, walnut, etc.

As these countertops are made of natural wood, they are eco-friendly and recyclable countertops with natural color and grain of the wood.

These countertops have a particleboard core laminated with a layer of clear acrylic that is made with an advanced manufacturing technique. 

That’s why these countertops are fairly inexpensive, resistant to heat, scratches, and dents, and can be considered an ideal work surface for a computer desk.

And since these countertops have natural wood color and textures, they will give your work desk or gaming station a high-end look.

You can find the Butcher Block IKEA countertops mainly in 5 different lineups from which you can pick the suitable one for your DIY desk setup.


KARLBY IKEA Countertop Desk

The IKEA KARLBY countertop is made from solid wood like oak, walnut, Birch, etc, and has a ⅛”(3mm) thick veneer layer on top that makes it a durable countertop.

This countertop comes in 3 different sizes  89×1 ½”, 74×1 ½”, & 74x42x1 ½” which makes it the perfect desk surface for various purposes.

And since these countertops combine natural resources, they have a unique pattern of wood and are more stable and crack, split, or bend-resistant.


PINNARP IKEA Countertop Desk

The IKEA PINNARP countertop combines a particleboard core and thick veneer layer where the particleboard is made from wood like Ash and Walnut.

It has a dark and light grain of natural wood that can make your workstation or battlestation look amazingly gorgeous.

It is available in two sizes 74×1 ½” and 98×1 ½” and the price varies depending on the size.


BARKABODA IKEA Countertop Desk

The BARKABODA countertop combines walnut particleboard and a thick veneer layer with a unique straight-grained dark wood effect.

So, if you use this IKEA countertop for your battlestation, it will surely give your setup a bold and elegant aesthetic for sure. 

It is available in two sizes 74×1 ½” and 98×1 ½” hence the price varies depending on the size.


SKOGSÅ IKEA Countertop Desk

The SKOGSÅ countertop combines a thick veneer and oak particleboard core with a beautiful dark-grained wood texture. 

This butcher block countertop comes in two spacious sizes 74×1 ½” and 98×1 ½”  that make it the perfect option for creating a DIY desk with a large surface.

However, this countertop is a bit expensive and it is available in a wood texture variant.



The MÖLLEKULLA countertop also combines a thick veneer and oak particleboard core but has a light-grained wood texture.

It comes in two spacious size variants 74×1 ½” and 98×1 ½” but this countertop is more affordable than the SKOGSÅ countertop.

So, if you’re looking for an affordable IKEA countertop desk for creating a distinct DIY desk, this one could be worth considering.

Steps to Building an IKEA Countertop Desk

These are the steps you can follow to build your own customized IKEA Countertop Desk that fits your needs, style, and budget.

  1. Measure the Space: Measure the available space at your home or anywhere you plan to put the desk and determine what size desk you need.
  2. Choose the Countertop: Visit the IKEA store or their website and choose a countertop that fits your desk size and is suitable for your interior style.
  3. Choose the Legs: Select the legs for your desk. IKEA offers a wide range of legs, including adjustable height legs for those who want a standing desk.
  4. Attach the Legs: Attach the legs to the countertop using screws and make sure they are level or your desk will wobble.
  5. Give Finishing Touch: You can add more features to the desk like cord management solutions or coating of paint to prevent the desk from stain.
  6. Place Your Desk: Position your newly assembled IKEA Countertop Desk in your desired location and you’re good to go.

19 Cool IKEA Countertop Desk Setup Ideas

Here are some unique IKEA countertop desk hack ideas that are worth trying at home no matter what kind of desk setup you’re building up.

1. IKEA KARLBY Office Desk Hack


If you want to have a productive desk setup that is aesthetically appealing too, this IKEA desk hack is what you’re looking for.

This IKEA desk hack is achieved using a KARLBY butcher block countertop with two units of Alex drawers and 2 sets of raisers to lift the countertop.

The setup has ample surface space and storage space to house your work supplies and keep things stored so your desk is well organized.

2. IKEA Desk Hack for Small Home Office

IKEA Desk Hack for Small Home Office

This eye-rolling small home office is another great IKEA desk hack that is achieved using an IKEA countertop with two sets of Alex drawers.

The entire setup is personalized in white which is eye-soothing and gives the setup a minimalist feel with the presence of limited accessories.

You can be productive with this setup as the desk has ample work surface and storage space that will help you keep the workspace less cluttered and tidy.  

3. Productive Home Office Setup Idea

Productive Home Office Setup Idea

An organized and tidy workplace is the key to keeping you stay focused on your job and making you productive throughout your work sessions.

And this is one such home-office desk setup that could be the perfect inspiration for creating a DIY home-office desk by implementing IKEA hacks.

The setup has ample workspace and storage space, surrounded by greenery, and everything is well-managed that giving the setup a minimalistic feel.

4. Well-Organized IKEA Desk Setup Hack

Well-Organized IKEA Desk Setup Hack

This IKEA desk hack is an amazing DIY desk idea to tackle at your home if you want to have your workstation in a limited room but with enough organized options.

The user has utilized a monitor arm, peg board, and two sets of floating selves to organize items and accessories so the setup remains clean and organized.

The setup is personalized in a dark theme to give the setup a pleasing feel and added some greenery for a natural aesthetic.

5. IKEA Alex/Karlby Hack for Gaming

IKEA Alex/Karlby Hack for Gaming

If you want to build a spacious gaming station with an IKEA hack, this IKEA Alex/Karlby desk hack is just what you could tackle at your home.

The setup is achieved using two sets of black Alex drawers as legs support and a KARLBY countertop as a gaming desk surface.

This desk setup has plenty of storage space and surface area where you can have your gaming rig stored and organized and spend your non-ending gaming hours.

6. KARLBY/Alex Office Desk Hack

KARLBY/Alex Office Desk Hack

The combo of the KARLBY and Alex is the trademark of IKEA desk hacks and this DIY desk setup idea is one such signature that shows what IKEA hack is known for.

So, if you want to create a DIY home-office desk and are looking for amazing setup ideas for inspiration, you can replicate this desk design to create your own setup.

The user has designed this DIY setup by utilizing the KARLBY countertop as a desk and two sets of Alex cabinets for the rock-solid base support.

The setup is highly stable and ultra-durable where everything like the monitors, desk accessories, and your office supplies will be secured.

The thing that is giving the setup a professional feel is the similar color combination whether it is the desk, the room wall, the desk accessory, or the floor.

Additionally, the setup is aesthetically soothing as Karlby offers a natural look to add warmth to any setup.

7. KARLBY Desk with Alex/Trestle Set up

KARLBY Desk with Alex/Trestle Set up

If you’re going to design your workstation or gaming station from scratch, you could consider trying this unique IKEA desk hack.

This DIY IKEA desk setup is implemented by combining the KARLBY countertop as a Desk and an Alex drawer and Trestle as legs.

However, the legs may look obvious but it will surely save you a few bucks as well as offer you sufficient storage options to keep your setup less cluttered.

8. KARLBY Desk with Adils/Alex Set up

KARLBY Desk with Adils/Alex Set up

If you’re in need of a spacious workstation at a budget-friendly price, why don’t you try implementing this IKEA desk hack?

This DIY IKEA desk setup is implemented using a 186cm variant KARLBY countertop as a desktop and 3 sets of Adils and an Alex drawer as legs.

The entire setup has an unconventional approach but has ample room for you and your work supplies that surely meet your needs.

9. Minimalist Workstation Setup

Minimalist Workstation Setup

If you want to have a dedicated workstation with a minimal approach, this is the perfect DIY IKEA hack that you can tackle at your home.

You can achieve this IKEA hack using any IKEA countertop of your choice, Mittback Trestles, and an Alex cabinet for the base support.

This IKEA countertop desk gives ample space for your computer and any other work supplies you need ready at work. 

And the combination of the Mattback Trestles and the IKEA countertop is such that can stand out in your setup.

10. Budget-Friendly Desk Setup

Budget-Friendly Desk Setup

If you want to build a custom computer desk at the cheapest price, IKEA has all solutions and this DIY desk is one such example.

This IKEA hack uses a Linnmon tabletop as a desk and 4 Adils legs that you can get for under $60 to build your DIY desk.

11. Cheap Standing Desk Hack in a Small Space

Cheap Standing Desk Hack in a Small Space

If you want to have a dedicated work desk but there is very limited space in your room, then you’re going to love this IKEA hack.

This IKEA hack follows a unique approach. It uses two IKEA countertops, one countertop mounted as a shelf using some bracket, another board used to hide cords.

12. Butcher Block Countertop Desk Hack

Butcher Block Countertop Desk Hack

Simple yet classy, this IKEA desk hack is another amazing DIY desk setup solution that you would love to try for your office setup.

This IKEA hack uses a butcher block countertop with wood grain as a desktop and two sets of white Alex drawers for the base support.

Elevate your setup with some greenery, desk accessories, and wall decor and your setup will stand out from the crowd and your friends will be jealous of it.

13. Simple and Easy IKEA Desk Hack

Simple and Easy IKEA Desk Hack

Whether you’re on a low budget or you have very low available space or you don’t need a huge desk for your setup, this IKEA hack is just for you.

This hack is implemented on the IKEA MICKE desk following a simple approach. It uses a custom-sized board for a keyboard tray attached via sliders.

14. Easy and Affordable IKEA Desk Hack

Easy and Affordable IKEA Desk Hack

If you want to create just a functional home office desk on a low budget and you’re more on the DIY side, you can go for this IKEA hack.

You can design this desk using an IKEA TOLKEN countertop with LERBERG trestle legs that you can get at a budget-friendly cost.

15. L-shaped Desk Setup for Two

L-shaped Desk Setup for Two

If you need an office desk for two people but have a small space available in your room then you can copy this simple DIY desk hack.

With this DIY desk setup, you’ll get plenty of storage space and workspace while only using up a tiny corner space of a room.

16. Spacious Desk Setup for Two

Spacious Desk Setup for Two

This ultra-long IKEA desk setup is the perfect DIY desk solution for those who want to create a spacious desk setup for two computer users.

The user has designed this IKEA desk setup using a 98” laminate countertop as a desk with 37 3/4″ height of three IKEA Hemnes dressers for the base support.

With this desk setup, you can have ample workspace for two users and a lot of storage and organized space for keeping the desk well-organized and tidy.

17. Functional Desk Setup with More Workspace

Functional Desk Setup with More Workspace

This gorgeous IKEA desk hack is another beautiful setup inspiration that you can replicate for creating your dream workstation in a limited space.

You can design this desk using any of the IKEA countertops but the LILLTRÄSK countertop is recommended if you’re more on creating a minimalist desk that fits a modern interior.

18. KARLBY Standing Desk Hack

KARLBY Standing Desk Hack

If you want to build a desk that is spacious and ergonomic at the same time, this DIY standing desk hack is just what you’re looking for.

This sit-stand desk is designed using IKEA’s trademark which is a KARLBY countertop and two sets of Alex cabinets for storage and organization options.

19. Immersive Battlestation Setup Hack

Immersive Battlestation Setup Hack

Creating an immersive battlestation was never an easy task, but check out this DIY desk that’s been achieved so well using IKEA desk hacks.

With wall-mounted monitors, dual speakers, the CPU tower, and some desk accessories decorated on an ultra-wide IKEA countertop, the setup is truly eye-grabbing.

The uniqueness of this setup is LED light bedside nightstands with 2 pull-out drawers that are used as legs to provide the countertop base support.

FAQ on IKEA Countertop Desk 

1. Can you use an IKEA countertop as a desk?

IKEA countertops are highly durable, resistant to scratch, heat, and dents, and can withstand high loads quite easily. These characteristics make IKEA countertops a good alternative for desks.

2. Are IKEA countertops worth it?

IKEA uses the absolute best craftsmanship and the latest technology and makes incredibly strong and durable countertops that are resistant to scratch, moisture, heat, and dents. These countertops are budget-friendly, easy to install, and maintain which makes them worth investing in.

3. Are IKEA countertops real wood?

The butcher block countertops from IKEA use natural wood materials but they also sell countertops with only a thin layer of wood over particleboard structure.


The IKEA Countertop Desk is a great option for those who need an affordable, customizable, and versatile desk setup at home.

Its durability, versatility, ease of assembly, and minimalist design can create both practical and stylish desks for a variety of purposes that you can enjoy for years to come.

So, whether you’re a gamer, freelancer, or someone who needs a dedicated workspace, consider building your own IKEA Countertop Desk.

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