21 DIY Computer Desk Ideas For Home Office And PC Gaming

Building your own DIY computer desk can be a fun project as well as more affordable than buying a professionally made computer desk.

You can put your imagination and creativity into your effort and create a workspace that not only enhances your productivity but also reflects your personal taste.

You can customize your desk the way you want by incorporating space options, ergonomics, accessories, etc. The possibilities are endless. 

So, if you’re looking for some unique or creative DIY inspiration for creating your own fully-customized computer desk, you’re landed in the right place.

In this article, we’re sharing with you 25+ creative DIY computer desk ideas that you can use as inspiration to build your own dream computer desk.

Benefits of Building a DIY Computer Desk

There are many worthy benefits that collectively make a DIY computer desk a compelling option for a home office, workspace, and PC gaming setup.

1. Customization

A DIY computer desk allows you to customize it because you have complete control over the design, size, materials, and features, so you can fit your specific needs, preferences, and space requirements.

2. Cost Savings

A DIY computer desk can be more affordable than buying a professionally-made desk. By sourcing the desk materials and building them yourself, you can save the most money than retail markups. This makes a DIY computer desk a cost-effective option.

    3. Unique Design

    A DIY computer desk gives you the opportunity to create a kind of furniture that reflects your individuality. You can express your imagination and creativity by designing a desk that matches your personal style, room interior, home office decor, or the overall theme style of the room.

    4. Quality and Durability

    When you build your own custom computer desk yourself, you have complete control over the selection of materials and manufacturing techniques which allows you to ensure a higher level of quality and durability than some of the mass-produced desks available on the market.

    5. Functional Adaptability

    A custom computer desk can be designed to meet your specific functional needs as it allows you to incorporate additional features such as storage space, cord-management solutions, height-adjustable options, etc so you can always be productive.

    6. Learning Experience

    Building a DIY computer desk gives you the opportunity to learn new skills and techniques. Whether it’s woodworking, metalworking, or other DIY methods, you can develop your craftsmanship abilities and gain valuable knowledge along the way.

    7. Satisfaction and Pride

    There is a great sense of satisfaction and pride in creating something with your own hands. Building your own computer desk allows you to take pride in your accomplishment and enjoy the sense of fulfillment that comes from using a workspace you’ve built yourself.

    8. Sustainability and Eco-Friendliness

    By repurposing or upcycling materials for your DIY computer desk, you can contribute to a more sustainable lifestyle by reducing waste and minimizing your environmental footprint.

    21 DIY Computer Desk Ideas & Plans

    These are the most creative DIY computer desk ideas that can be used to create a custom DIT computer desk, office desk, and gaming desk.

    1. DIY Fold-Down Wall Desk

    This Fold Down Wall Desk built by DIY Huntress is the perfect desk solution for those who work in a small home or apartment and want a dedicated work desk.

    This desk is compact in design, has some storage space, and can be folded up when you’re not working so that it doesn’t get in your way.

    However, the desk is suitable only for laptop work because the design isn’t sturdy to withstand other equipment that is heavier than a laptop.

    Of course, you can use this desk for other purposes like crafting, writing, or similar kind of work when you aren’t working on your laptop.

    2. Simple and Spacious DIY Desk 

    This spacious computer desk built by Robchin is an amazing DIY desk inspiration that you can copy for creating your own dedicated work desk.

    With a couple of hours of woodworking using SpecRite Teak Panel and RapidMesh furniture legs, this fantastic computer desk can be your dream workstation.

    3. Rustic Wooden X Computer Desk

    This DIY wooden computer desk from ana white is not only simpler, spacious, and gorgeous looking but also easy to build for your own project.

    To build this wooden desk, you’ll only require proper materials such as wooden blocks, nails/screws, power tools, and basic woodworking experience.

    Simply, measure available space in your room and build the desk in the measured size so the desk easily fits in your room. 

    4. DIY Gaming Computer Desk

    This is one of the gaming computer desk ideas that you can use as inspiration for creating your own gaming station on a limited budget.

    The gaming desk doesn’t have a complex design but is a great mix-up between modern and rustic appeal with plenty of space for work.

    This extra-long gaming computer desk can easily accommodate your gaming rigs and make your setup well-organized by storing the stuff in its drawers.

    There is additional LED lighting under the monitor table that takes the setup to the next level and can make your gaming more immersive in the dark.

    5. Floating Computer Desk DIY

    If you want a computer desk that stands out from the crowd, this Floating Computer Desk is the one that you would love to replicate for your project.

    This DIY computer desk idea is the perfect option if you’ve limited available space in your room and you don’t want extra furniture.

    Simply, take wooden blocks and plywood, cut them into the exact size of the desk, and attach them to the wall using the nail gun and you’ve your Floating Desk.

    You can personalize the setup by adding headphone hooks and a bookshelf where you can keep store your headphone and favorite book you read in your free time.

    6. Easy DIY L-shaped Desk

    If you’re working from home and you need a bigger desk that can accommodate the office supply you need at work, here’s a simple DIY computer desk idea for you.

    You’ll not require any premium materials, only a sheet of plywood, screws, and steel pipes, and your basic DIY skill are enough to build this desk.

    After completion, you’ll have an industrial style easy DIY L-shaped computer desk that is spacious, stable enough, and functional.

    7. Industrial-style Standing desk

    Standing desks are well worth improving posture and providing ergonomic benefits. However, they are more expensive than traditional desks.

    But, if you’re more on the DIY side and want a standing desk on a low budget, you can copy this DIY standing desk approach and design your own.

    You don’t have to be so creative for this desk design, you only need proper supplies such as a wooden top and galvanized pipes.

    8. Floating Desk with Cable Tray

    This floating computer desk is an amazing DIY desk solution that proves to be worth considering especially, if you want to have your office desk in the lowest space.

    This DIY desk follows a simple approach that uses a 1350mm x 600mm benchtop panel attached to the wall that works as a tabletop for the desk.

    The desk also has an underneath cable tray to hide away messy cords so the setup looks clean and tidy. 

    9. Simple DIY Desk for Two 

    If you work with someone else, you both need a desk that is functional and comfortable so you both can work productively while sharing tasks and supplies.

    And this DIY desk for two people built by KELLY is one such kind where you and your co-worker such as your partner, spouse, or friends, can work comfortably.

    The desk has a simple approach that uses the IKEA Butcher block countertop as a desktop and two sets of Alex cabinets for the base support.

    As far as construction is concerned, the design requires almost no woodworking. Just put the countertop on the cabinets and your desk is ready.

    This way, you’ll have a desk that is spacious, has plenty of storage space, and is beautiful looking.

    10. IKEA Hack Standing Desk

    When it comes to DIY desk setups, IKEA hacks are the most popular options due to their wide variety of products ranging from countertops to legs.

    And this DIY sit-stand desk is one such IKEA hack that is designed using IKEA components such as a KARLBY countertop and two sets of Alex cabinets.

    So, if you want o build a height-adjustable desk to support your posture, this DIY sit-stand desk is an amazing idea to copy for your project.

    With this desk, you can get ergonomic benefits by adjusting the height of the desk, while also having enough space to store accessories and keep your workspace neat and clean.

    11. Simple DIY Wooden Desk

    This SUPER EASY DIY desk design could be a great inspiration if you want to build a desk that can be used for multiple purposes.

    This simple wooden computer desk uses materials such as plywood, 2×2 boards, and power tools for cutting and finishing and follows a basic woodworking approach. 

    The best part is that the desk can be used for other purposes like a reading desk, crafting desk, or study desk for your kids.

    12. Transformable Hairpin Legs L-shaped Desk DIY

    If you’re on a low budget and have limited room space but want to have a dedicated work desk, this modern L-shaped desk is easy to make and a pocket-friendly option.

    To build this gorgeous L-shaped desk, you’ll need materials such as a sheet of plywood, Hairpin legs, and power, and drilling tools. 

    The best part is that if you’re living in a room with a modern interior style, this desk setup can add charm to your room aesthetics due to its modern appeal.

    13. DIY Mounted Wall Desk for Two

    Make use of free wall space in your room by adding this DIY wall-mounted desk which is a truly creative idea for setting up a desk in a limited space.

    This desk offers ample workspace for two persons and allows them to work on the same surface while the desk is sturdy enough to hold your essential work supplies.

    All you need for this project is a sheet of plywood that will work as the desk tabletop and some crackers for the tabletop support.

    14. Floating Desk with Shelves on Top

    A floating desk with shelves on top is an amazing solution for those conditions when you need a desk setup with storage options in a limited room space.

    So, if there is a free wall in your room, this desk design could be a great inspiration to replicate for your home office or gaming desk setup.

    Since this desk only has a desktop but no legs, you’ll get plenty of legroom to stretch your feet and you don’t have to worry about bumping your feet on the desk legs.

    Additionally, floating shelves also provide plenty of storage space to store your desk accessories or showcase the decoration and plants.

    The best part is that this desk design is easy to build. You’ll only need a sheet of plywood and some brackets to hold the shelves and the desktop.

    15. DIY IKEA Hack with Storage

    This eye-rolling home office desk is an amazing minimalist DIY computer desk idea that you can copy and paste for creating your own home office desk setup.

    This DIY desk setup follows a simple IKEA hack that is achieved using an IKEA countertop as a desktop and two sets of Alex drawers for the base support.

    The entire desk setup is personalized in white, has fewer desk accessories, and added some greenery which gives the setup an eye-pleasing feel.

    You can be productive with this setup as the desk has ample work surface and storage space that will help you keep the workspace less cluttered and tidy.  

    16. Easy and Affordable DIY IKEA Desk

    If you want to build a functional computer desk on a low budget and you’re more on the DIY side, you can go for this beautiful IKEA desk hack.

    You can design this gorgeous-looking desk using an IKEA Linnmon tabletop with LERBERG trestle legs which are available at a pocket-friendly price.

    You can give your desk a little makeover by painting the legs in a color that suits the decor so your desk matches your room’s aesthetics.

    17. Budget-Friendly DIY Computer Desk

    If you want to build a DIY computer desk at the cheapest price, this desk design is the perfect solution to copy for your project that will save you the most money.

    This computer desk uses an IKEA Linnmon countertop at $25 and 4 Adils legs each at $7.50. So, the desk will cost you around $55.

    This is the perfect DIY computer desk idea for beginners who have less or no woodworking experience as this project uses minimal tools.

    Only pre-made materials are used and a couple of minutes of effort and some drilling will require to build this simple computer desk.

    18. Minimalist Workstation Setup DIY

    Make smart use of various IKEA components and build an amazing DIY computer desk setup that you’ve dreamed of by implementing IKEA hacks.

    And one such IKEA hack is this that uses one of IKEA countertops as a tabletop and Mittback Trestles and an Alex cabinet for the base support.

    This DIY computer desk is very easy to build as this requires basic woodworking experience, but the resulting desk is truly gorgeous.

    You’ll have ample surface area to work and for your computer devices as well as plenty of storage space to keep your desk well-organized and tidy.

    19. DIY Floating Corner Desk

    Make creative use of corner space in your room and turn it into a small home office or gaming station by attaching a floating shelf on the wall.

    This is one of the simplest DIY computer desk ideas that uses minimal tools and woodworking and can be made with a few hours of effort.

    You’ll only require a plywood sheet in custom size for the desk surface and wooden board as brackets to hold the plywood on the wall.

    Since the desk is floating and doesn’t have legs, it leaves underneath open and wide which makes the setup look bigger than it actually is.

    20. DIY L-shaped Computer Desk

    An L-shaped computer desk can be a great choice to spread out with multiple monitors while working on multiple projects simultaneously.

    And this DIY L-shaped desk is the perfect plan for a corner space where you can be productive whether you’re gaming or doing office work.

    This desk features a tabletop made from MDF board and the frame is built with industrial supplies such as steel pipes, clamps, elbows, and connectors.

    Built-wise, the desk has a sturdy and durable construction that can easily accommodate a large setup and has industrial appeal due to the use of tubes and connectors.

    21. Wall-Mounted L-shaped Desk

    Maximize the corner space in your room by building this wall-mounted L-shaped desk. This is the perfect DIY computer desk idea for a small room or apartment.

    This desk is very easy to build because it uses minimal tools. You’ll only need to attach the brackets to the wall after screwing the plywood into them. 

    And since the desk is floating in the air without leg support, it frees up lots of room underneath and maximizes your corner space. 

    FAQ on DIY Computer Desk Ideas & Plans

    1. Is it cheaper to build your own desk?

    Building a homemade computer desk can be cheaper than buying a professionally made one. It gives you the flexibility to customize the desk design based on setup needs and space requirements and allows you to add drawers, shelves, or any options you want to fit your needs.

    2. What can I use as a desk if I don’t have one?

    A study table with an office chair can be a good substitute for a home office desk. Even a small wall shelf can be a simple alternative for laptop work and a wide wall shelf can be used for working on the monitor with basic work supplies.

    3. What is a good material for a computer desk?

    MDF(medium-density fiberboard) as known as the engineered board considered the best material to make a sturdy and durable desk surface. MDF board is made by bonding together wood fibers with a synthetic resin adhesive.


    Building a DIY computer desk can benefit you in many ways as well as is a fun project that provides an opportunity for creativity and self-expression.

    Whether you have a low budget, limited space, or simply seeking a unique design for your desk, DIY computer desk ideas are the go-to option.

    Throughout this article, we’ve explored various DIY computer desk ideas that you can use as inspiration for building your own office desk or gaming station.

    So, gather your tools and materials, unleash your imagination, and get ready to build a workspace that is uniquely yours. Happy DIY-ing!

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