Perfect Desk Size For 2 or 3 Monitors (Important Factors)

In the digital age, multi-monitor setups have become essential for productivity, creativity, and entertainment. The right desk size is crucial for maximizing your workplace because it can improve multitasking, streamline processes, and elevate gaming experiences.

So, what is the ideal desk size for 2 or 3 monitors? 

A desk with 48 width and 30depth is recommended for dual monitor setups, while a desk with 60″ width and 30″ depth or more is typically required to fit three monitors and essential gaming accessories.

However, these statistics are just the start, and there are a number of factors that come into play when it comes to comfort and effectiveness.

Let’s explore these factors in detail and find the ideal desk size to make sure your workspace is customized to your specific needs for a seamless and enjoyable computing experience.

Why Does Desk Size Matter for 2 or 3 Monitors?

Maintaining optimal desk size matters for several reasons, especially when it comes to using two or three monitors. The following are the main reasons:

  • Ergonomics: Desk size impacts monitor placement, which, with good alignment, lessens strain on your neck and eyes.
  • Productivity: A spacious desk makes it possible to organize your workstation, reducing clutter and boosting productivity.
  • Aesthetics: A spacious desk allows for a neat and clean desk setup, which improves the aesthetics of your workspace as a whole.
  • Cable Management: Having enough workspace allows for neat, structured cable routing, which reduces tangles and risks.
  • Workspace Customization: The right desk size accommodates extra accessories and peripherals, meeting your specific needs.
  • Comfort: A comfortable workspace encourages concentration and lessens pain from prolonged computer use, improving general well-being.
  • Versatility: Larger desks are more versatile and can accommodate diverse configurations and equipment for a variety of applications, including gaming and work.

What Size Desk Do I Need for Two or Three Monitors?

The size of your workstation is an important consideration when setting up a dual or triple monitor setup because it has an immediate influence on your comfort and productivity while working or playing games. 

To further understand this subject and determine the optimal desk dimension for your multi-monitor desk setup, let’s use a real-world example.

Dual-Monitor Desk Setup

Imagine building a gaming setup with two 27-inch monitors, a keyboard, and a mouse, as well as other necessary desk accessories. You’ll need a gaming desk that is at least 55 inches wide and 30 inches deep to create a cozy and ergonomic gaming station. 

This desk size gives both monitors enough room for optimal viewing angles, healthy posture, and appropriate hand positions during gaming or working sessions.

Triple-Monitor Desk Setup

Now, let’s consider a situation where there are three 21-inch monitors. A 55-inch gaming workstation won’t have enough room in this situation to fit all three monitors. The combined width of the three monitors is more than the width of the desk, which could lead to damage if they hang off the edges due to sudden impact. 

You should choose a larger desk, ideally one that is 65 inches wide, to establish a safe and spacious three-monitor desk setup.

The right desk size for your multi-monitor setup depends critically on the size of your monitors and desk accessories. A desk that can comfortably fit all of your equipment is essential for a productive and enjoyable computing experience.

Desk Size Calculation Table for 2 And 3 Monitors

The below table represents the estimated desk size for 2 and 3 monitor setups. The following statistics show that as the number and size of monitors increase, the desk size also increases.

Monitor Size (in inches)Recommended Desk size for 2 Monitor SetupRecommended Desk size for 3 Monitor Setup
Desk size (width)Desk size (depth)Desk size (width)Desk size (depth)
20-2248 inches30 inches65 inches30 inches
23-2450 inches30 inches75 inches30 inches
25-2760 inches30 inches85 inches32 inches
28-3070 inches30 inches90 inches32 inches

You may find it hard to find the right size desk for bigger monitors (30 inches or more) if you look for the desk online.

Benefits of Using Multi-Monitor Setup

A desk with two or three monitors has a number of benefits that improve productivity, creativity, and computing in general:

  1. Multitasking Efficiency: Using several monitors allows you to run various programs or documents at once, eliminating the need to switch between tabs or windows.
  2. Enhanced Productivity: You may organize your workspace more effectively with extra screen space, which will improve workflow and speed up activities.
  3. Gaming Immersion: Gamers can monitor in-game statistics on one screen while playing on another, giving them a larger field of view and a more immersive gaming experience.
  4. Content Creation: For more efficient editing, graphic designers, video editors, and content creators can have their timelines, references, and editing tools on distinct screens.
  5. Data Analysis: Multiple datasets and graphics can be viewed at once by experts in data analysis or financial modeling, enabling the use of data to inform decisions.
  6. Reduced Alt-Tabbing: Changing between apps is now seamless, which saves time and lowers the possibility of mistakes.
  7. Ergonomic Benefits: Benefits in terms of ergonomics include better job distribution, less neck strain, and encouraged good posture thanks to dual or triple displays.
  8. Information Accessibility: Staying updated without interruptions is possible by keeping an eye on email, chat, or news feeds on one screen while working on the other(s).
  9. Workspace Customization: Customizing your workspace will promote a more productive and individualized setting, whether it be for work, gaming, or a combination of the two.

In essence, using two or three monitors on a desk offers a flexible and effective computing setup that supports a variety of tasks and activities, making it an excellent option for both professionals and hobbyists.

6 Cool Ways to Fit Multiple Monitors on a Small Desk

If you already have a smaller desk or do not have enough money to invest in a spacious desk, it does not mean you can’t enjoy a multi-monitor computing experience. Here are six smart ways to fit 2 or 3 monitors on a small desk.

1. Utilize Monitor Arm

Two Monitor Mounted on Monitor Arm

Monitor arms increase flexibility in multi-monitor setups and maximize workspace. Pick a monitor arm that supports the sizes and weights of your monitors. Attach the arm to your desk and mount the monitors. For comfortable viewing, adjust the arm to your optimal height and angle. Finally, arrange cables for a tidy environment. 

2. Attach Monitors to the Wall

Two monitor setup with wall mounting

Consider wall-mounting your multiple monitors instead of placing them on the desk, which is an excellent alternative to fitting multiple monitors on a small desk. This approach not only solves the width limitation issues but also offers benefits for additional workspace.

3. Place Monitors One Above Another

Two monitors placed on stacked position

“Placing monitors one above another” involves stacking multiple monitors vertically on a small desk. This configuration makes the most of the available screen space while leaving enough desk space for other necessary items. It also makes it possible to multitask effectively. It’s a creative approach to maximizing a small desk for efficiency and creativity.

4. Place Monitors Vertically

Dual monitor setup with one vertical monitor

“Placing monitors vertically” means setting up multiple monitors in a vertical position (portrait mode), rather than placing them in landscape orientation. This setup makes the most of the small desk’s available horizontal area. It’s a creative way to increase screen space while keeping a small desk for increased efficiency.

5. Position Monitors in a V-angle

Dual monitor setup in a V-angle

The placement of multiple monitors at a V-angle is another great way to fit two monitors on a small desk. This arrangement improves multitasking by focusing your attention in the middle, lowers the need for extra desk space, and maximizes screen visibility, making it a creative choice for small workspaces.

6. DIY Wooden Block Hack

You can even attach a wooden block on both sides of your existing small computer desk and extend the width of the desktop. By doing so, you’re not only able to situate your multiple monitors but also have enough room for other essential accessories.

Considerations Before Choosing a Desk Size

Choosing the right desk size is crucial for a productive and effective workstation setup and there are several factors that influence your decision. Let’s explore these crucial factors:

1. Available Space in Your Room

Measure the actual available space in your room or office by considering traffic movement and make note of any obstructions, such as doors, windows, or furniture. This evaluation will assist you in determining the maximum desk size that can fit into your area without crowding or restricting movement.

2. Monitor Size and Placement 

Consider the physical dimensions of your monitor as well as the configuration you want to set up. Make sure the desk has adequate room for your monitors, whether you intend to arrange them vertically, horizontally, or in another arrangement while providing ergonomic viewing angles and easy access to each screen.

3. Ergonomics and Comfort 

Put ergonomics into account and choose a workstation size that encourages good posture. Make sure the desk allows for the right placement of the monitor at eye level to reduce neck strain. Also, consider space for keyboard trays, mouse placement, and ergonomic equipment to design a workstation that encourages long-term comfort and productivity.

4. Budget Constraints

When selecting a desk size, have your financial considerations in mind. Larger desks with special features could cost more. Balance your workspace needs with your spending limits to make a choice that is both practical and economical and fits your financial resources.

5 Best Computer Desks for 2 and 3 Monitors

1. Tribesigns Modern Computer Desk

Tribesigns Modern Computer Desk

The Tribesigns Modern Computer Desk is a stylish and robust desk with a heavy-duty steel frame, adjustable pads, and a triangle junction design that ensures durability, a high weight capacity, and exceptional stability even on uneven floors. It accommodates a variety of office activities thanks to its big desktop and generous legroom.

2. CubiCubi Home Office Computer Desk

CubiCubi Home Office Computer Desk

The CubiCubi Home Office Computer Desk is both functional and long-lasting. It serves a variety of functions because of its additional storage and strong construction. The installation guide makes setup simple, and the multiple size options cater to diverse demands. It’s a solid alternative for your home office, made of melamine-faced board, steel, and non-woven fabric.

3. SEVEN WARRIOR Gaming Desk


A gamer’s fantasy, the SEVEN WARRIOR Gaming Desk. It has a waterproof and easy-to-clean surface, as well as a desk pad. The T-shaped leg design is stable, and the sturdy steel structure can support up to 400 pounds. A cup holder, headphone hook, and USB gaming handle rack are included in the user-friendly design. It’s versatile, simple to put together, and ideal for both gamers and professionals.

4. Arozzi Arena Ultrawide Curved Gaming Desk

Arozzi Arena Ultrawide Curved Gaming Desk

With its 160cm width, the Arozzi Arena Ultrawide Curved Gaming Desk provides a huge gaming surface suitable for three large monitors. Its 80cm depth allows for plenty of room for your accessories. The unique mouse pad is a benefit, and it comes in a variety of appealing colors. Its portability and height adjustment options make it a versatile alternative for gamers.

5. Mr IRONSTONE L-Shaped Gaming Desk

Mr IRONSTONE L-Shaped Gaming Desk

The Mr IRONSTONE L-shaped gaming desk is a sturdy and stylish option for both gamers and professionals. Its tough design, which includes a thickened metal frame and P2 MDF board, offers long-lasting stability with a 350lbs weight capacity. 

The large double desktop design provides plenty of space for work and gaming, and its clean appearance fits any setting. It’s also simple to clean, making it a useful and appealing addition to your workstation.


Choosing the right desk size for 2 or 3 monitors is a key decision that affects productivity, comfort, and overall computing experience. You can design a workstation tailored to your unique needs by carefully considering aspects such as available space, monitor sizes, ergonomic considerations, and budget constraints. 

Whether you choose wall mounts, monitor arms, or classic desk arrangements, the ultimate goal is to optimize your workplace to get the most out of your multi-monitor desk setup. A well-chosen desk size will allow you to work more efficiently, game more effectively, and fully enjoy the benefits of several monitors.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How big of a desk should I get for 3 monitors?

Consider using a desk that is at least 65 inches wide and 32 inches deep to accommodate three monitors comfortably, and there is enough room for other peripherals and a comfortable workspace.

2. How big of a desk do I need for 2 monitors?

Consider getting a desk that is at least 48 inches wide and 30 inches deep to accommodate two monitors, an optimal viewing experience, and comfortable placement of other essential peripherals.

3. What is the ideal desk size?

For a standard workstation, a desk should be around 48-60 inches wide and 24-30 inches deep. However, the ideal desk size depends on your specific needs but larger sizes may be necessary for multi-monitor setups or specialized tasks.

4. How big is a good-sized desk?

A good-sized desk typically ranges from 48 to 60 inches in width and 24 to 30 inches in depth, providing a comfortable and functional workspace for a variety of tasks.

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