30+ Cool Desk Accessories For Gamers In 2024 [Updated]

With the ever-expanding world of gaming, where virtual realms effortlessly mix with reality, having the best gaming setup is no longer a luxury but a necessity. Your gaming desk is your battle station; therefore, you’ll need the perfect set of accessories to conquer it. 

In this post, we’ll explore the exciting world of “Cool Desk Accessories for Gamers,” a guide that not only improves your gaming experience but also adds flair and practicality to your gaming sanctuary. 

We provide everything you need for your gaming station, from ergonomic chairs to stunning desk lights and cable management solutions to personalized decor. Let’s upgrade your gaming space!

30+ Cool Desk Accessories For Gamers In 2024

Here are 30+ must-have cool desk accessories for gamers that can elevate your gaming experience and help you create the ultimate gaming station.

Gaming Essentials

The foundations of any gaming setup are a reliable gaming PC or console, a high-quality monitor, and responsive input devices. These will serve as the foundation for your setup. Even the most expensive equipment won’t elevate your gaming experience without these. Therefore, ensure that your necessities are adequate. 

1. Gaming Monitor

Gaming Monitor

The very first gaming desk accessory on our list is a gaming monitor. A monitor is an essential component in gaming, determining how well you can see and respond to in-game action. With its 2560 x 1080 Full HD resolution and up to 200Hz refresh rate, the Sceptre 30-inch Curved Gaming Monitor provides lifelike visuals and fluid gaming. 

Its many connectivity choices and AMD FreeSyncTM compatibility, which reduce screen tearing, make it an excellent alternative for gamers looking for a competitive advantage.

2. Gaming Keyboard 

Gaming Keyboard 

A gaming keyboard is a need in the realm of gamer’s essentials for an unrivaled gaming experience. While a standard keyboard is adequate for daily chores, gaming calls for more powerful hardware. This RK ROYAL KLUDGE RK61 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard features enticing RGB backlighting for brilliant nighttime gaming and typing.

3. Gaming Mouse

Gaming Mouse

A gaming mouse is a crucial gaming desk accessory for a better gaming setup, just like a gaming keyboard. It should be robust, comfortable, and extremely accurate to ensure fluid movement throughout intense gameplay. To improve your gaming, think about getting this Logitech G502 gaming mouse.

Gaming Furniture

A gaming desk and chair are essential for gamers’ comfort and attentiveness during intense gameplay. These accessories improve posture and improve the overall gaming experience.

1. Gaming Desk

Gaming Desk

The VITESSE Gaming Desk is a gaming powerhouse. It can easily support up to 260 pounds because of its sturdy steel frame. A handle rack, storage tray, cable grommets, cup holder, and headphone hook are among the useful features of its roomy 63″ carbon fiber desktop, which also has space for several monitors and gaming equipment. 

Additionally, the 1-year warranty offers security. All these additions make it one of the must-have cool desk accessories for gamers.

2. Gaming Chair

Gaming Chair

While a gaming desk is needed to keep your expensive gaming rig secured, an ergonomic gaming chair is necessary to keep you comfortable throughout extended gaming sessions because of its ergonomic design, customizable features, and durable construction. 

Quality is provided by the PU leather, additional cushions, and support pillows, and because of its adaptability, it may be used for work, study, and gaming. GTRACING will improve your comfort and space!

Gaming I/O Devices

For accurate control and immersive experiences, gamers need high-quality input-output accessories, such as headphones, speakers, and microphones. These accessories are necessary for an edge in competition and immersive gameplay.

1. Noise-Cancellation Headset

Noise-Cancellation Headset

The Soundcore Anker Life Q20 Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling Headphones will improve your gaming experience. In addition to providing smooth audio quality for intense gaming and permitting clear conversation with online teammates, this essential gaming accessory guarantees uninterrupted focus, especially in noisy surroundings.

2. Gaming Speaker

Gaming Speaker

Gaming speakers are crucial in gaming if there are no headphones. They enhance the gaming soundscape for immersive experiences by focusing on enemies and sound effects. A good stereo speaker provides depth and makes you feel involved in the game. The PreSonus Eris 3.5BT Gen 2 desktop gaming speaker is a great option for upgrading your gaming.

3. Microphone with Stand

Microphone with Stand

When gaming or streaming online, effective communication is essential. Consider getting this standalone option if your headset doesn’t have a built-in microphone. It is installation-free, plug-and-play, and has an adjustable arm for precise alignment. 

Desk space is saved by the clamp-fastening mechanism. This adaptable device is perfect for aspiring YouTubers, podcasters, and streamers and is not only for gamers. This microphone is a necessary and chic addition to your gaming desk setup for console players and eSports fans.

4. Gaming Webcam

Gaming Webcam

Use the Razer Kiyo Streaming Webcam to improve your gaming setup. Although it’s not necessary for every gaming setup, it’s important for live gaming and YouTubing, enabling you to engage with friends and supporters without any issues.

Stands and Hooks

Investing in accessories such as monitor arms, laptop stands, headphone hooks, and cup holders is necessary as they increase the overall gaming experience. These accessories improve ergonomics, organization, and convenience, ensuring comfort and optimal focus during lengthy gaming sessions.

1. Monitor Arm

Monitor Arm

A monitor arm, which allows for twin or multi-monitor setups, is a game changer for gamers with limited desk space. Mounting monitors away from the desk frees up space for speakers and other cool desk accessories. 

Adjustable and rotatable arms keep screens at eye level for an immersive gaming experience. It also cleans up your desk, resulting in a streamlined and clutter-free arrangement. A wise purchase for both practicality and aesthetics in your gaming space.

2. Laptop Cooling Stand

Laptop Cooling Stand

If you use a laptop, consider a laptop cooling stand for your gaming desk setup. It raises your laptop to an ergonomic height, which prevents overheating. Furthermore, it improves the aesthetics of your gaming setup, giving it a sleek and ordered appearance.

3. Headphone Hook

Headphone Hook

A headphone hook is another cool desk accessory that a gamer must have as a part of their gaming setup. Choose one that supports two sets of headphones for further versatility; the extra side can be used for a gaming controller or other devices. 

To reduce desk space, consider an under-table headphone hook, which mounts beneath your desk and creates a more organized gaming setup. While not required, it is a useful addition that declutters your gaming space and keeps your equipment within easy reach.

4. Desk Cup Holder

Desk Cup Holder

As a gamer, savoring coffee improves concentration, but spills may be pricey and inconvenient. Fortunately, cup holders provide a solution. This cup holder not only saves desk space but also protects your gaming equipment from spills. 

Simply attach it to the edge of your gaming desk for peace of mind. Protect your investments while sipping your favorite brew—a win-win situation for gamers looking for convenience and security for their precious equipment.

Desk Pads and Mats

Mousepads and desk mats are essential desk accessories for gaming from an ergonomic perspective as they provide a smooth, precise surface for gaming mice and protect your desk.

1. Large Desk Mats

Large Desk Mats

A desk pad is a must-have accessory that provides the best surface for your gaming mouse. Its ergonomic design keeps you comfortable even after long gaming sessions. Beyond utility, it improves the aesthetics of your gaming desk with a selection of elegant designs, colors, textures, and prints, improving both performance and visual appeal.

2. Mouse Pad with Wrist Support

Mouse Pad with Wrist Support

The MROCO Ergonomic Mouse Pad is the ultimate gaming desk accessory. Its ergonomic gel-filled wrist rest relieves strain during extended gaming sessions. The premium-textured Lycra cloth surface allows for precise mouse motions that are compatible with all mouse types. 

The non-slip PU base secures it in place, and the ideal form and reinforced edges provide long-term endurance. This cool and functional addition to your gaming setup will enhance your gaming experience.

3. Keyboard Wrist Rest

Keyboard Wrist Rest

On the list of cool desk accessories for gamers, the Glorious Keyboard Wrist Pad is another option. With its modest size and 1-inch thickness, it is ideal for smaller mechanical keyboards. The dual-lock anti-fraying stitched frame improves both durability and appearance. It holds firmly in place throughout intense game sessions thanks to its nonskid rubber base. 

The smooth fabric exterior and medium-firm foam interior provide comfort and support. It’s compatible with a variety of mechanical keyboard models and is an excellent alternative for gamers looking for both aesthetics and practicality.

Cable Management Solutions

Cable management systems guarantee a simplified gaming setup with managed cords. They keep the gaming area organized and visually appealing while limiting the chance of accidents and distractions.

1. Under-Desk Cable Tray

Under-Desk Cable Tray

Investing in an under-desk cable tray, such as the REFLYING model, makes cable management easier for gamers. It hides and arranges cords, eliminating clutter and tangling. This improves the looks and functionality of your gaming setup, resulting in a more immersive gaming experience.

2. Cable Clips and Ties

Cable Clips and Ties

Cable clips and ties, such as those included in the N NOROCME Cord Management Organizer Kit, are useful for gamers. These attachments encourage cable organization, minimizing tangling and tripping dangers, and maintain a clean, distraction-free gaming environment.

Desk Management Solutions

The next desk accessories that we will discuss are desk management kits such as a USB hub, USB charging station, dust management kit, and air purifier.

1. USB Hub


A USB hub on your gaming desk simplifies your setup by adding extra USB ports to accommodate various devices. This is especially beneficial when your gaming equipment necessitates more ports than your computer provides. 

No more fumbling with hard-to-reach rear ports on the PC; the USB hub is conveniently located within arm’s length, increasing connectivity. A USB hub is a must-have equipment for gamers, as it ensures that all of your devices can communicate with one another, making it a useful addition to any gaming setup.

2. USB Charging Station

USB Charging Station

In our hectic lives, our phones are lifelines for remaining connected. But, in order to maintain that constant connectivity, we must keep our phones charged. Imagine having to leave your desk every time your phone rings or pings because the charger is out of reach – how inconvenient would that be? 

This is where a mobile charging station can help. It’s a must-have for your gaming desk setup, keeping your phone within reach and fully charged so you never miss critical calls or texts while gaming or working at your desk. A simple solution for continuous communication and productivity.

3. Dust Management Kit

Dust Management Kit

Dust gathering on your gaming desk, whether in a room or a hallway, is a regular problem. Failure to clean it can cause damage to your expensive gaming equipment. Thankfully, a dust blower effectively removes dust from your gaming workstation and electronics. It’s small, convenient, and inexpensive. 

For effective tips on preventing dust buildup and safeguarding your gaming equipment, check out our article on maintaining a dust-free gaming setup.

4. Desk Air Purifier

Desk Air Purifier

Fine dust, culinary scents, and household odors can all degrade air quality in your game area, potentially impacting your health. Consider using a desk air purifier to maintain a healthy gaming environment. 

This portable device removes pollutants and dust particles from the air, keeping it clean and fresh. While it is not a gaming equipment, it is essential for maintaining pleasant and health-conscious breathing throughout gaming sessions, enabling a comfortable and focused gaming experience.

Lighting Solutions

Lighting solutions such as desk lamps, LED light strips, LED light panels, and RGB backlight are the next gaming desk accessories that you must invest in for your gaming setup to customize ambient lighting and enhance the aesthetics of your gaming setup.

1. LED Desk Lamps

LED Desk Lamps

A desk lamp is an essential yet often overlooked component of your gaming setup. While most advanced gaming keyboards include backlighting, a desk lamp is necessary for ambient lighting. 

This is especially useful while gaming at night to reduce eye strain from a bright monitor. It’s a low-cost upgrade that substantially improves the looks and comfort of your gaming workstation setup.

2. RGB LED Light Strips

RGB LED Light Strips

RGB strip lights placed discretely behind your desk and displays can completely transform the appearance of your gaming environment. These LED lights bring vibrancy, color, and ambiance to your gaming setup, instantly improving its attractiveness. Incorporate RGB LED light strips into your gaming refuge for a visually appealing and engaging experience.

3. LED Light Panels

LED Light Panels

No gaming setup is complete without RGB lighting, and RGB light panels are essential for getting that cool look. Mounting these panels on the walls of your game room improves the mood with colorful, dynamic lighting effects. 

They provide remarkable color contrast, unlike LED strip lights, and provide an outstanding touch to your arrangement. RGB light panels are a must-have item for gamers seeking the next level of aesthetics, ensuring your gaming area shines out in style.

4. Monitor Backlight

Monitor Backlight

Improve your gaming experience by adding a display backlight for immersive lighting. It brightens the screen, making the content more visible. However, they are pricy, they can sync with on-screen colors, offering a worthwhile and visually attractive gaming experience.

Decorative Elements

Decorative elements such as desk figurines, wall art/posters, and potter plants are other cool gaming desk accessories that are worth investing in for the sake of the cool look of your gaming area.

1. Desk Figurines

Desk Figurines

Enhance your gaming experience with figurines of your favorite movie or video game characters. These fascinating desk accessories personalize your gaming environment. Online markets are brimming with action figures that, when paired with other desk accessories, may completely transform your gaming setup. 

Consider the Star Wars: The Mandalorian Action Figure for a memorable addition to your collection.

2. Wall Art/Posters

Wall Art/Posters

Enhance your gaming area with wall art, which can range from gaming posters to scenic landscapes and inspirational messages. Personalize your environment to reflect the theme of your gaming setup or the architecture of your place. 

Experiment with different layouts such as circular, grid, or triangular to create an interesting wall art gallery. Amazon has a wide range of affordable wall art, allowing you to create the ideal gaming environment for your style and budget.

3. Potted Plants

Potted Plants

Decorate your gaming desk with beautiful plants to add natural foliage to the mood of your space. These fake plants save space, are low-maintenance, and are bug-free. They come in a variety of sizes, colors, materials, and flower varieties, allowing you to completely tailor the green aesthetic of your gaming setup.


In the world of gaming, where every detail counts, cool desk accessories for gamers are vital for an enhanced gaming experience. They not only increase the appearance of your gaming setup but also its functionality and comfort. 

These items, which range from ergonomic chairs and gaming workstations to smart lighting and customized decor, transform your gaming room into a private refuge. 

Whether you’re a professional esports player or a casual gamer, investing in the appropriate desk accessories can make a big difference in how immersive and enjoyable your gaming sessions are.

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