How to Hide Computer Wires on Glass Desk (9 Easy Ways)

Hiding computer wires is crucial for maintaining a clean and organized workspace as a well-organized and clutter-free workspace leads to productivity.

With normal wooden and metal desks, it’s pretty easy to manage and hide the computer wires as most of these desks come with cable management features. 

But when it comes to cable management for glass desks, it’s a pain. Literally, it’s frustrating because typical glass desks don’t offer any cable management options. 

Fortunately, there are some easy ways and tools that can help you hide away all those computer wires on your glass desk like a pro.

In this article, we are sharing 9 stupid easy tips on how to hide computer wires on glass desks so you can have a clean and mess-free desk setup for productivity.

Tool Required to Hide Computer Wires on a Glass Desk

Since glass desks are completely see-through, hiding the computer cords could make your setup look messy and cluttered when proper cable management tools aren’t used.

While the typical wooden desk can also be easily modified to add cable management features such as grommet holes, these changes are not possible with a glass desk.

Hence, hiding the computer cords on a glass desk requires a few tools to minimize the visible cords properly and make the setup look clean.

So, here is the list of cable management kits that you can invest in to make your cord management process more convenient.

  1. Cord Clips
  2. Velcro Ties
  3. Velcro Straps
  4. Cable Sleeves
  5. Cable Raceway
  6. Under-Desk Cable Box
  7. Cable Management Box

Although investing in all these tools isn’t necessary, you’ll need to invest in any one of the tools depending on the cable management process you go on.

The best thing is that these cable management tools are very affordable and you can easily buy them online from Amazon.

How to Hide Computer Wires on Glass Desks: 9 Easy Ways

These are the 6 easy ways that can help you minimize the visible messy cords of computer peripherals from your glass computer desk. 

1. Route Cords along with the Desk Frame

If you have a glass computer desk with thick frames, no matter if it’s metal built or wooden, you can make smart use of this desk frame to hide the computer wires.

To make this implementation properly, you’ll require some cable management tools like cable sleeves, velcro ties, or velcro straps.

First, you’ll have to group all the cords and wires of similar types using cable sleeves that are going in the same direction.

You can make a separate group of power cords reaching the power outlet and make a separate group of USB cords coming from the PC to the peripherals.

Once grouping all the cords, attach the wires to the desk frame and start tying using velcro ties or velcro straps while routing them along with the frame.

Make sure you tightly secure the wire bundle with the desk frame otherwise, they will hang off in the air and will be completely visible.

2. Hide Cords along with the Desk Edge

Hide Cords along with the Desk Edge

If your glass computer desk doesn’t have a thick frame and you still route the computer wires along with it, the wires and cables will remain visible.

In that case, you can route the computer wires and cables along the edges of the glass top and hide them from view. 

However, this solution is applicable to those computer desks that have a thick glass top surface, tempered glass tops usually have more thickness.

So, if you have a computer desk with a tempered glass top then you have a good option to manage and hide the computer wires on your glass desk.

For this implementation, you’ll only require some cable management kits like cable clips so that you can route the cable orderly through it.

The best thing is that these cable clips come for different sizes of wires and have an adhesive back for easy installation wherever you want.

3. Hide Computer Cords on the Wall

If your glass desk is situated near the power outlet and is attached to the wall, you can conceal the computer wire on the wall and keep it hidden.

You’ll only have to hide the power cables that are reaching the power outlet and to make this implementation, you’ll need kits like cord cover raceway.

First, you’ll have to attach the cord cover raceway to the wall, run all the power cables through it, and exit to nearby devices.

By doing this, you will be able to hide all the power cords of computers and other electronics for a neat and clean workstation setup.

4. Hide Wires Underside of the Glass Top

How to hide wires on glass desk with cable raceway

Utilizing a cable raceway can be a great way to hide cords of computer peripherals that make your desk space look cluttered and messy.

This is a go-to solution for a tempered glass top desk like the Walker Edison Soreno desk as these glass tops aren’t completely see-through which easily allows for hiding the cables.

The cable raceway kit has an opening towards the top with adhesive tape at the back so it can be easily attached underside of the desk by just removing the tape sticker.

The best thing is that they come in different sizes and colors. So you can choose the one according to how many wires you have to pass through.

All you need is to invest in a cable raceway depending on the number of wires and attach it underneath the glass top of your computer desk.

After attaching the cable raceway kits where necessary, now start pulling all the cords inside it one by one, going in the same direction.

Once you’ve finished this, you’ll be able to hide computer wires on the glass desk and give your workstation a nice clean aesthetic.

5. Hide Wires Under the Glass Desk

How to hide wires on glass desk using under desk cable tray

If your glass computer desk is placed some distance from the power outlet, you might be using an additional power extension board to power up your computer devices.

In that case, managing all the computer wires and hiding the power extension board could be a mess because your glass desk doesn’t offer any option to hide them.

An under-desk cable management tray is a great tool that can easily hold the power extension board inside it while hiding all the plugged-in wires from view.

This cord organizer tray comes with a screw fastening clamp that you can easily attach to the glass desk surface without drilling.

The good thing is that the clamp of the cord organizer has foam padding which leaves no unsightly marks and prevents cracking your glass desk.

6. Hide the Computer Wires on the Floor

How to hide wires on glass desk on the floor

If you’re using an additional power extension board, hiding the extension board underside of the glass top is not always a good option if the glass top is see-through.

The best place to hide the power extension board is on the floor just under the desk or somewhere the cable box isn’t clearly visible.

And to hide the power extension board on the floor, you’ll need a cable management box so it keeps hide away all the wires from view.

The D-Line Cable Management Box could be a great addition to your home office that not only can hold a power extension board but also keep some wires hidden.

You’ll simply need to pull the power extension board and all the extra power cables into this cable box and it will keep your glass desk setup more organized.

7. Opt for Wireless Peripherals

Wireless desk setup

Opting for wireless devices in place of wired ones can be a great way to hide computer wires and cables on your glass computer desk.

Because the fewer wired devices you have in your setup the fewer wires you have to hide. That’s why opting for wireless devices proves to be very beneficial for a cable-free setup.

However, it won’t completely solve your problem but surely reduce a certain amount of cords in your setup and make your glass desk look less cluttered.

So, if you’re just planning out your desk setup with a glass desk and worried about cable management, invest in wireless peripherals instead of wired models. 

8. Utilize Monitor Arm or Wall Mount

How to hide wires on glass desk using monitor stand

Managing the power cords or hiding them can be so tricky especially if you have a small computer desk with a glass top. 

In this case, mounting your monitor above the desk or onto the wall can be a great way to manage the cables without having to compromise the workspace.

Today, most monitor stands and wall mounts come with built-in channels that allow routing the monitor cables through it to keep them away from views.

So, by mounting the monitor, you’ll not only be able to minimize the visible monitor wires by neatly managing them but also free up crucial desk space for comfortable work.

All you need is to invest in a monitor arm or monitor wall mount. The NB North Bayou monitor stand is a great option for a single monitor at an amazingly affordable price.

The rest, for managing and hiding the wires of the keyboard and mouse, you can opt for their wireless models and you’ll have a nice clean workspace.

9. Go for a Minimalist Desk Setup

Minimalist desk setup

A minimalist desk setup can be an effective way to hide computer wires and cables and make your workspace look clean and organized.

It is an approach to keep the desk uncluttered and simplified by focusing on essential items while minimizing distractions and unnecessary items.

You can achieve the minimalist look of your setup by using cable management solutions, reducing the number of wired devices, mounting your monitor on the wall, and strategically routing the cables.

There are endless minimalist desk setup ideas that you can experiment with to minimize the visibility of wires and cables on your glass computer desk.

Check out this article on the 30 best minimalist desk setup ideas to discover some amazing minimalist desk setups with neat and clean cable management.

Video Tutorial on How to Hide Computer Wires on Glass Desk


Hiding computer wires on a glass desk is not straightforward like a normal desk. It can be challenging due to the transparent nature of the glass top. 

However, with a little creativity, some strategic planning, and the right cord management tools, it is possible to hide computer wires on a glass desk and achieve a clean-looking setup. 

As we’ve explored some tips on how to hide computer wires on glass desks, you can experiment with these tips to find the best approach for your glass desk setup.

Remember, the above tips are simple, cheap, and worth trying to achieve a clean-looking computer setup with a glass desk.

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